My name is Lauren.
I am a natural light photographer, though occasionally I will play with synthetic light sources.  
A little about me: I'm mostly inspired by the symbiotic connection between humans and nature. I believe this is apparent in my work.  I've lived in Nashville for 26 years and the only time I consider leaving is during those few, bleak winter months.  I love sweaty southern nights and their mischief.
I'm passionate about gardening, film, photography and animals. I also make fine jewelry, which you can view at
I have had a lot of technical bad luck and lost multiple hard-drives full of work. This is why you'll see multiple images stamped with water-marks. I'm pleased to be able to offer you a few select pieces of older work and I mourn the fact that I'm not able to showcase more and am proud to be able to add new images as I continue to create.

Thanks for looking.